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Xvest Weight Vest FAQ

When can I expect to see result?
Theoretically speaking, on the short term, you can see result immediately. In another words, you can perform an exercise with the Xvest™ on, take the Xvest™ off and do the exact same exercise and you will immediately see results, you’re either quicker if you’re doing a reactive or agility drill; you’re faster if you’re doing a speed drill; or you’re jumping higher or longer if you are doing some type of jumping drill. Those are the result of the short term.

On the long term, when you periodize out your program, what you’ll find is you will hit your maximum result at a certain date and time in the future based upon your programs, but you will see results immediately.

Can the Xvest™ help me lose weight?
If you’re after weight loss, the Xvest can assist you in your weight reduction goal. The Xvest will increase your caloric consumption during power walking, jogging or any activity you utilize in your weight reduction program. The Xvest™ adds weight to your body and the added weight will immediately intensify your activity, in return you will burn more calories in that same exercise. Simply put, we are creating more resistance therefore your muscles have to work harder to propel you. Therefore you burn more calories and hence more excess body fat.

How does the Xvest™ fit my body type?
The Xvest™ is a bi-valve design, so we can fit it to any torso length, and almost any body weight, we can custom manufacture a Xvest if necessary. Because of the two-piece design the Xvest™ can be customized to fit your body type and length, it also places the weights in an optimal center of gravity. The Xvest also has lateral straps that are elastic, which are stretched and secured to the front part of the vest so the weights do not slap against your body when you are in motion.

What age can you start using the Xvest™?
We have a lot of parents that have young athletes, and they want to improve their abilities or their speed or their strengths. The rule of thumb is if they are younger than 15 years of age, it is not recommended. What is recommended is focusing on the form, technique and the fundamentals of the sport. Once you developed strong fundamentals and good form then you progress into resistance training.

What weight do I start out with?
It depends on the exercise and your condition. It is recommended, no matter what conditioning level you are, start out very low (4 to 6 percent of body weight). Even if it is a power-walking program, start out low. And once you become accustom to that extra weight, add more resistance weight.

If you are a conditioned athlete and you are doing speed or agility drills, you should not use any more weight than 4 to 6 percent of body weight. If you are doing endurance type conditioning the weight to use will vary from 2 to 8 percent of body weight.

If you are doing plyometric exercises and you are working on explosive movements and the power aspect of the biomechanical movement, go for a maximum weight. You are not after a ton of repetition; you’re going after 100-foot touches to 300-foot touches, therefore you can use maximum weight.

Keep in mind, you should never go over 10 to 12 percent of you body weight. Therefore if you weight 200 lbs, 20 – 24 lbs would be the maximum weight that you would use, in any drill or exercise.

How can I incorporate the Xvest™ into rehab programs for post-operative athletes?
Once you progress through basic range of motion, and you started on your strengthening exercises, because of balance issues the Xvest™ is safer. It is a better alternative than putting weights in hand and work on exercises such as squats or lunges to help develop the hamstring, gluts, quads, and so forth. It’s a great way to add weight to the body one pound at a time and allows them not to worry about balance, their hands are free so they can use parallel bars to hold themselves up. They are able to focus on the actual movement and not about falling out of balance and re-injuring themselves.

Can the military utilize the vest in the training programs?
Absolutely, yes, many branches of the armed services have talked to us. A U.S. Marine said that it could be utilized within the basic training. They can use it for their daily calisthenics along with their running and conditioning programs. The Special Forces, in their constant conditioning and strength training programs can use it as well.

The Xvest™ would benefit all military programs, the fact that resistance can be added and balance the person versus putting a large pack on their back and put them in a 10 mile hike. Therefore you lessen the probability of a back injury because of proper balance that the Xvest™ provides.

Could the Xvest™ benefit female athletes?
Absolutely. Women can use the Xvest™ the same way as the men. But make sure, no matter if you are a male or female athlete, proper fitting and use of appropriate weight is the key for success.

How do you change the weight?
Great question, and the answer is very easily. The Xvest’s weight can be adjusted one (1) pound at a time, by simply removing or adding the one-pound weights in their individual slots inside the pockets.

Why do only 10 percent of body weight?
The 10% of body weight is related to speed, agility and plyometric training as well as any activity where there is a heel strike.

Why do you need 40 lbs if only 10%?
Our 40 and 84 pound versions are utilized in body weight exercises (pull-ups, push-ups, dips, squats, lunges….) Also many individuals train at heavy weight increment for acclimation or work hardening training ( fire fighters, police and the military)

Why is the Xvest different from ankle weights?
Weighting your extremities is very dangerous, because of the stress placed on a single joint and the stretching of the connective tissue. As for the Xvest, the added weight is distributed over a large area known as the “CORE” so there isn’t stress to a single joint or stretching of connective tissue.

Why would the vest be better for walking or running then using hand weights?
The Xvest works extremely well in any activity, as for running or walking the Xvest works great. The Xvest is adjustable in one pound increments, this allows you to pick the added resistance or weight so you’re comfortable and confident in what you are doing.

Is the Xvest dangerous, or will it hurt my back?
Not only is the Xvest safe to use, it will help support your back through a neurological response called “proprioception”. In lay terms, your mechanoreceptors sense the vest against your body causing your muscles to fire in your core. This will help stabilize your spine and give you a core workout at the same time.

I’m in amateur sports… how will it help me?
As an Athlete you understand the importance of speed, quickness, strength and endurance. The Xvest can and will improve all aspects of the aforementioned attributes of an athlete. If you want me to be more specific send me a specific question.

Can I use it for swimming?
Our Xvest is currently utilized by the US women’s synchronized swim team as well as numerous Olympic swimmers. So yes, you can use the Xvest while you’re swimming.

Can the Xvest help me firm up and get the “sculpted look”?
Yes, the Xvest will help you burn more calories during your workout. But to get the ripped body nutrition will be your number one focus.

Why can I burn more calories (you say up to 70%) using the Xvest?
Your body is acclimated to your weight and it burns calories based on weight, exercise, duration and intensity. When you add weight to you body more muscles are recruited to support the function of moving the weight so first more calories are burned to support the muscles. Secondly, your intensity will sky rocket by adding more weight, and it doesn’t take a large amount of weight, either. Consider this, you are on stair stepper for thirty minutes let’s say you climb 100 flights of stairs and each flight has 20 steps that equals 2000 steps and you add 6 pounds of weight to the vest. That means you moved an extra 12,000 pounds of weight during that 30 minutes. Now, you can see how adding weight to your body in a safe manner like the Xvest can improve efficiency of your exercise and burn
more calories.

Can I use it in my aerobics class or any group exercise?
Many people are using the Xvest in group aerobics such as step, spinning and kick boxing classes. It will intensify your workout and take your body to the next level.

I’m already overweight… why would I need to put on a vest to help me lose weight?
Being overweight is a problem for most people and I can understand why you would think why would you want to add weight. And, the simple answer is to burn more calories. Your body acclimates to your weight and it burns calories to support numerous functions of your body. One of those functions is muscle fiber movement. So when you move your body muscles and soft tissue are being used and calories burned. By adding weight to your body more muscle fibers are recuited into use therefore more calories burned. And, if you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight.

Can I travel with the Xvest?
Yes. But don’t wear it though the metal detector 🙂

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