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Get Fit With Larsa Pippen

Get Fit With Larsa Pippen!

CHECK YOUR EMAIL!! Are you ready to work out and get fit with Larsa Pippen? Be sure to check your email for more information on how you can “Get Fit With Larsa Pippen”! The #1 resolution year after year is to lose weight. That’s why we are so excited to have Larsa Pippen partnering with us and teamed up with TLS Slim to help you get fit and healthy and reach your fitness goals in 2015. As a “Preferred Customer” you get access to her fitness channel on our website where you can get trained by Larsa!!

Join Larsa Pippen as she brings you her new series of fitness & workout videos plus she will share simple tips and tricks you can add to your daily routine to make losing weight and keeping it off that much easier all from from the comfort of your home!

Fitness Fifteen is a series of exercise and workout videos targeting a muscle group per episode. Each day of the week will be dedicated to an exercise regimen that will help you maximize results in a short amount of time. Larsa Pippen has worked with some of the greatest trainers in the industry; and she is going to give you ALL of her secrets! Tune in & get toned!

Are you ready to work out w/Larsa Pippen?

We have a full week of workout segments w/Larsa — each segment is only 15 minutes:

  • Metabolic Monday
  • Tighten Up Tuesday
  • Washboard Wednesday
  • Thursday Booty Blaster
  • Fit Friday

Preferred Customer Advantages
As a “Preferred Customer” you not only get access to her fitness channel, but you will also get exclusives access to products, advice, personalized programs, coaching, and a variety of online tools to help you reach your fitness goals for 2015.

Get fit and healthy in 2015.

TLS is the answer to all of the other DIETS that have failed you. TLS isn’t about short term weight-loss; it is about achieving sustainable results by educating you on why and how to make the best choices for nutrition and activity while keeping a positive, forward thinking mentality.

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