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Exercise Balls

Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are very popular are very easy to use for a wide variety of exercises. Exercise balls are great for all types of exercise programs, including aerobics, stretching, flexibility, toning, strength rehabilitation and sports training. With all types of exercise balls in the market, we carry just about everything from regular fitness balls to leather medicine balls.

We offer all kinds of exercise balls perfect for ab workout, and more effective than the conventional floor sit -ups. Exercise balls are a total body workout that are perfect for all ages and fitness levels that allow you to work several different muscle groups at the same time and also help to improve posture and flexibility. Easy to maintain and keep clean, fitness balls are great for yoga exercises, abdominal exercise, sit up exercises, stretching exercises, flexing exercises, overall toning, rehabilitation and more. Perfect for the home, but you will always find them in all the gyms and fitness centers. See our entire selection of discount fitness equipment.

Exercise balls come in a variety of sizes, shapes, color and material. Depending on the exercise, you decide which one fits you best.

Here is what we offer:

Toning Balls
Weighted Balls w/ Velcro
Medicine Balls
Leather Medicine Balls
Vinyl Medicine Balls
Ball – Band & Mat Sets
Our exercise balls are manufactured by such companies as TKO, Harbinger, Altus, Everlast, Century, Stamina, Ball Dynamics, Cap Barbell, Danskin and many more. These companies have been chosen to be some of the best fitness companies for fitness equipment including exercise balls, fitness accessories, balance and stability products and all types of workout equipment. Most of the exercise balls we sell come with their own pump to inflate them, but you can always go to your local gas station and use their air pump to inflate them.

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