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Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine 7978-900

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Kettler Favorit Rower 7978-900

A quality rowing machine!


Rowing not only improves your stamina and endurance, but also strengthens your back, shoulder, arm and thigh muscles. Important exercise data, like number of strokes, stroke frequency and training pulse are shown on the digital display.

  • LCD displays 6 functions simultaneously - Time, Distance, Energy Consumed, Strokes, Pulse Rate, and Frequency. Includes a recovery feature which provides a cardio wellness grading indexed 1 to 6 to track improvement. Requires 2 "AA" batteries

  • Two industrial strength hydraulic pistons provide resistance which can be adjusted by repositioning the piston's clamps to the various knurl marks on each rower oar

  • Resistance levels can be set to any one of the 50 knurl marks on each oar to provide a wide and challenging range of resistance

  • Biomechanically correct footplates offer a natural pivoting action providing a full longitudinal rowing motion

  • Thick, padded seat with sealed ball bearings glides smoothly along a steel track

  • Includes an infrared earlobe clip sensor measures pulse rate electronically. Optional: Polar® T34 chest strap heart rate monitor which senses heart rate and wirelessly transmits the data to the computer (Item# 7937-600 Cardio Pulse Set)

Training Computer
Measurement of time, strokes, stroke frequency, total distance in km, room temperature, energy consumption, pulse, recovery pulse with fitness mark 1-6, automatic display change (can be switched off). 

Possible settings: time, strokes, energy consumption, stroke frequency with audible signal (can be switched off), optimum exercising-pulse range.


  • Training computer

  • Two hydraulic cylinders for resistance force

  • Folding oar levers with continuous adjustment of force

  • Comfortable smooth-running seat mounted on rollers

  • Flexible foot plates with straps

  • Anti-slip floor protectors

  • Adjusts from a flat position to a 45 degree position

  • Maximum load: 285 lbs.

  • Dimensions: 49"L x 31"W x 11"H

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