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Household Foldable Reluctance Rowing Device Black


Here to introduce you to our Household Foldable Reluctance Rowing Device. A rowing exercise can exercise most of the muscles of the whole body. The rowing machine is ergonomically designed and has a good shaping effect on the waist, back, legs and arms. The rowing machine uses a horizontal sitting trajectory, which protects the joints more than traditional exercisers. The advantage of the rowing machine is that this device can be used by different age groups, and the whole family can use it, and you can experience the fun of outdoor rowing at home. The important thing is that this rowing machine can be folded to save space. What are you still hesitating about? Hurry up and place an order!

1. Can exercise most of the muscles of the body
2. Lateral movement protects the joints
3. Foldable, saving space
4. Have an outdoor boating experience
5. The resistance is evenly distributed, and the operation is smoother

1. Material: Iron Plastic
2. Color: Black
3. Overall Size: 1800*580*570mm
4. Folding Size: 920*580*1170mm
5. Track Size: 80*40*1100mm
6. Seat Size: 365*290*50mm
7. Flywheel Weight: 2.5Kg
8. Reluctance Adjustment Gear: 8-Speed Manual Adjustment
9. Effective Track Stroke: 760mm
10. Track Folding: Foldable
11. Built-In Electronic Watch (Display Function): Time/Count/Calories/Total Count/Rpm
12. Bearing Weight: 264.55lbs / 120kg
13. Weight: 48.5lbs / 22kg

Package Includes:
1 x Track
2 x Pin
1 x Nose
1 x Seat
2 x Pedals
2 x Pedals
1 x Tool Screw Bag
1 x Manual