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Buy Adjustable Ankle Weights

Buy Adjustable Ankle Weights

Buy Adjustable Ankle WeightsRegular exercise, including walking, decreases your risk of death, heart attacks, high blood pressure and obesity. It also improves overall health. Burn more calories by almost twice as much by adding Adjustable Ankle Weights when your walking. One other thing you may want to consider using is Weight Lifting Vests. Weight lifting vests add even more to your workout and we carry weight vest fro 20 pounds to 84 pound. You will definitely burn more calories even faster wearing a weight vest when your walking.


Add resistance to your walk by adding ankle weights to your legs when walking. The key to a safe progression is to start light and add weight gradually. Net2Fitness carries a large selection of Ankle Weights and Adjustable Ankle Weights to choose from. We also now offer All Pro Weights. All of our ankle weight and wrist weights are in stock and ship out the same day.

Burn more calories by almost twice as much by adding ankle weights when your walking. We carry some of the finest ankle weight, wrist weights, weighted vests, aquatic weights and other exercise products. We are proud to carry the entire line of All Pro Ankle Weights and accessories online. Shop conveniently from your computer for all our home exercise equipment. All of our All Pro Weights ship out the same day.