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5 Best Benefits of Building a Home Gym

5 Best Benefits of Building a Home Gym

So, you’ve joined a gym and for the first few weeks have been determinedly visiting three-five times a week as planned.

Then, as your busy lifestyle takes hold, you miss the occasional workout, then another, and another… Before you know it, your faithfulness wanes, you haven’t been in weeks and the direct debit is leaving a dumbbell-shaped hole in your bank account.

However, despite what others may think, your local gym is not the only way to get fit. You can get the same results, if not better, from working out in your own home. Here are the five best benefits you’ll get from building a home gym of your own.

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The first (and most obvious) benefit to leaving your gym is the financial gain. Sure, you could argue “I’ll just move to a cheaper gym”, but why not use your money to invest in some fitness equipment you can use any time in your own home? All it takes is some well-selected strength equipment, which can be as simple as a set of dumbbells, a barbell and weights, maybe a treadmill or cross trainer, and you’re well on the way to your ideal fitness set-up. You can add to your collection over time, choosing exactly what works for you and what you want to achieve.

When you invest in something, you care more about it, so you should expect far better results!

The gym can be an uncomfortable place and to many, exercising in front of strangers can be an unwanted distraction.

Plus, there’s the added frustration of having to wait for equipment. And there’s nothing worse than having to wipe down the leg press after Sweaty Guy has hogged the machine for far longer than is polite. Your home gym offers a personal sanctuary. With nothing to hide, you can be as loud as you want, wear what you want and exercise however you want.


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A major stumbling block for a lot of gym-goers is the distance.
Missing occasional sessions because you’re too tired to travel there can quickly become a slippery slope. With the average commute to a home gym being approximately 10 seconds, this removes that barrier completely. Not only will it give you more free time in your day, but you’ll feel better knowing you haven’t skipped a workout. Our recent Twitter poll results showed that this is 67% of home gym goers’ favourite thing about it!

Whether it’s feeling frustration over the couple who sit taking selfies together whilst hogging the only VKR Machine, or the guy with the incredible body you’ll never live up to constantly catching your eye, the gym is full of unwanted distractions. Training at home results in more efficient workouts as you have nothing, or nobody to stop you from focusing.

If you’re of the mind that working out at home will distract you, with the constant lure of the sofa and Netflix just meters away, make sure you create a dedicated “workout space”. Even if you haven’t got a spare room or garage, just creating an area of a room into your own, personalised gym space will help to make it that bit more official.

For germaphobes, the gym might not be the best place. You can wipe down a piece of equipment as much as you want but will it ever truly be clean? You may be better off sticking to your own space where you know exactly whose blood, sweat and tears have been shed.

So, there you have it. Five great reasons to create your very own home gym. Why not get looking for some good quality home fitness equipment now and see how you get on? Who knows, this time in six months, you may wonder how you ever got by without your own fitness equipment at home.

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