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Add resistance to your walk by adding a weight vest to your body when walking. The key to a safe progression is to start light and add weight gradually. Net2Fitness.com offers weighted waist weight vests. We offer weight lifting vests from 20 pounds to 84 pounds from All Pro, Harbinger, Body Solid, Altus, Body Craft, Stamina, Powertec, Best Fitness, Cap Barbell, Powerline and more. Quality weight lifting vests and weight lifting equipment and accessories you will not find in your local sporting good store. Our weighted weight vests can be used by anyone of any skill levels and all body types. It is the most versatile sports training and fitness tool on the market today. Most weight vests are adjustable with individual weights. Use it for your aerobic conditioning, strength training, weight loss, sports specific training, fitness, wellness or just around the house, the usages are limitless. We offer a several different weight lifting vests and jackets to choose from. Our weighted weight lifting jackets and vests come in different sizes and colors.

Weight Vests

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