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Bongo Board Skate Deck Balance Board - 31" by FitterFirst

$199.99 $189.99

Bongo Board Skate Deck by FitterFirst- 31"
Bongo Board Skate Deck 31" with Roller.

It's Fast. It's Fun. It's Back! Do you Bongo? Fitter's Bongo Boards are a great training tool for surfers, boarders, skiers and every Xtreme sport freak. It's the fastest, most fun and safest board ever! Take one kick tail 31" deck, one dual bearing multi-rotational polyurethane wheel, bungee them together and you will have a whole lot of balance going on. Even serious athletes will love the reaction skills and tricks that they can master on Bongo Board.

Regular use of Bongo Boards give you:

  • Greater confidence in sports and daily living.
  • Stability boards for core training.
  • Develop more confidence for sports and active living
  • It offers a great fitness workout and is fun and challenging
  • Develops balance and coordination skills
  • Great for skiers, snowboarders, in-line skaters, skateboarders, surfers, gymnasts, football players, golfers and anyone.
  • Excellent addition to your home gym
  • Improve balance and proprioception
  • Enhance core strength and stability
  • Increase coordination and responsiveness
  • Heighten sense of body awareness
  • Improve sports performance
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What is a Bong Board?

The Bongo Board is the hottest balance training device on the market. It offers a great fitness workout and is fun and challenging. The Bongo develops balance and coordination skills essential to almost all sports and activities by toning the muscles used to maintain balance and stability, and by teaching the proper distribution of body weight to achieve constant equilibrium.

Who is it for?

Skiers, snowboarders, in-line skaters, skateboarders, surfers, gymnasts, football players, golfers and anyone who participates in an active lifestyle can all benefit greatly by using the Bongo Board. The Bongo Board is a blast to ride, and takes only a small area either indoors or out. It's a patented design that includes a skate-style deck, independently rotating barrel roller, and an elastic retention cord. From basic moves to advanced tricks, the Bongo Board will challenge and improve your skills, resulting in better performance and agility in your fitness goals.

What can I do with it?

While your own creativity sets the limit, here are a few tips and maneuvers to get you started. They range from basic to advanced, and there are many variations which can be made off these moves. Remember, this board is very quick and maneuverable. Always start out using a spotter or support of some sort (ie. railings, sofa, etc.) until you become accustomed to the movement of the board. Give yourself plenty of open space to move in. Also note that the harder the riding surface, the faster the board moves.

History and Benefits of the Bongo Board

The Bongo Board gained popularity in the 1960's as an off-season device for surfers and skiers. Now the Bongo Board has been transformed into an affordable and fun balance/training device that offers a great workout for fitness enthusiasts everywhere. From the original patent, Fitter International Inc. is marketing an updated version of the Bongo Board, manufactured fro stability and functional use for a variety of health and fitness needs.

The Bongo Board develops balance and coordination skills essential to most sports and daily activities. The Bongo Board works by conditioning your muscles' core stability and reflexes that act upon the body's sense of equilibrium, allowing proper distribution of body weight. The Bongo Board is one of the fundamental tools used by fitness professionals around the world to train their students and clients for functional balance. Sports and fitness enthusiasts everywhere can now enjoy the great benefits of the Bongo Board everyday!

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